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LEAD Technologies Introduces LEADTOOLS Medical Express Suite

A comprehensive Medical Imaging toolkit with complete support for DICOM 3.0 Communications

LEAD Technologies Medical Express Suite development toolkit now includes COMPLETE and comprehensive support for the full DICOM 3.0 Communications specification, providing powerful, HIGH-LEVEL features which simplify the creation of DICOM client/server applications.

Charlotte, NC (September 17, 1999) - LEAD Technologies announces the immediate availability of LEADTOOLS® Medical Express Suite, the newest in a complete line of award-winning imaging toolkits. LEADTOOLS Medical Express Suite offers complete support for DICOM Communications, including high-level connection and communication functionality, support for all 12 DICOM service classes (Query/Retrieve, Storage, Verification, Patient Management, etc.), direct support for PACS, and extensive, ready to use sample source code. The toolkit provides the developer a choice of 3 different programming interfaces - API, C++ Class Library or ActiveX.

In addition to complete support for DICOM 3.0 including all modalities (CR, CT, MR, NM, US, RF, SC, VL, etc.), LEADTOOLS supports 1-16, 24 and 32 bit color, 1-16 bit grayscale (including 12 bit grayscale) with specialized medical image processing, display and window leveling capabilities. LEADTOOLS Medical Express Suite provides high-level support for easily creating and editing all DICOM IOD classes at file, module and element level, and complete DICOM Basic Directory support (read/write).

Advanced DICOM Communications Features Include:

  • High-level functions for easily initiating and terminating Associations (connections between DICOM applications)
  • Automatic and transparent conversion of DICOM Data Sets to/from the specific Transfer Syntaxes understood by connected DICOM Application Entities
  • Simple, high-level functions encapsulating complex DICOM Service Requests and Responses, speeding the process of coding application communications
  • Complete support for Message Exchange, including DIMSE (DICOM Message Service Element) service user and provider, and Message Exchange Upper Layer Protocol

The Medical Express Suite also includes optimized document image processing filters, and high performance decompression and viewing of JPEG, LEAD CMP and CCITT G4 image files. In addition, the LEADTOOLS Medical Express Suite provides developers with a comprehensive imaging toolkit which supports Annotations (more than 50 objects, all with hyperlink capabilities and security options), Image Processing (Transforms, Filters, Drawing, Region of Interest), Scanning (TWAIN or ISIS®), Color Conversion, Display, Special Effects (choose from more than 2000 effects), Compression, Image Format (import/export), Printing, Internet/intranet imaging, Database imaging, Vector imaging, Imaging Common Dialogs, and Screen Capture as well as extended Multimedia capabilities - with 3 areas of functionality - Video, Capture, and Internet.

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