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LEAD Technologies Announces the Formation of a New Medical Division

Charlotte, NC (January 22, 2001) - LEAD Technologies, Inc., a worldwide leading provider of imaging developer toolkits, is pleased to announce the formation of Medicor Imaging, a new strategic business unit. Medicor Imaging's scope of products and services will revolve around the medical community's migration towards the utilization of digital images. "The creation of this new division is in response to the requests of our current clients to provide a greater degree of specialization for the medical imaging community", stated Rich Little, president of LEAD Technologies. "Currently, there is significant time and energy being spent by companies to move to a digital platform. Medicor Imaging's developer toolkits and professional services will greatly reduce the costs associated with the move".

Medicor Imaging will further develop and continue to market LEAD's existing medical products, LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging and LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging Suite. The LEADTOOLS product line is a collection of award winning developers toolkits with the medical products focusing on DICOM standards and other technologies required by the healthcare market. In addition to offering programming toolkits, Medicor Imaging will offer professional services that include; specialized training, including all aspects of DICOM, consulting and contract programming.Future product plans include DICOM utilities that will allow medical facilities better connectivity between medical imaging equipment.

Medicor Imaging will operate as a division of LEAD Technologies, and will initially be headquartered within LEAD Technologies' worldwide headquarters in Charlotte, NC.

Medicor Imaging can be reached at 704-227-2629.

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