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Medicor Imaging Releases MiPACS

Charlotte, NC (October 12, 2001) - Medicor Imaging, A division of LEAD Technologies, today announced the release of its MiPACS product line. Built in accordance with the DICOM 3.0 standard, MiPACS offers a scalable, device independent and affordable solution that was once out of reach for the dental industry. The product line includes MiPACS Dental Imaging Enterprise, MiPACS Storage Server, and Medicor Imaging PMR.

The MiPACS Dental Imaging Enterprise solution is the only imaging application that a dental enterprise needs to acquire, view, and store digital images. It is the only software application needed to implement a digital imaging solution.

Key Features of MiPACS Dental Imaging Enterprise:

  • Supports the DICOM 3.0 standard
  • Enterprise solution provides a viewing workstation, acquisition workstation and a storage system all in one
  • Supports over 16 digital imaging systems
  • Integration to clinic applications
  • Standard film mounts and the ability to customize
  • Support for intraoral sensors and cameras, phosphor plates, surgical and histological microscopy, and digital cameras
  • Stores MRI and CT
  • Numerous image enhancement tools
  • Freedom to choose multiple hardware vendors
  • Ease of use
  • Training time greatly reduced

Using LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging toolkits Medicor Imaging has created MiPACS Storage Server, a scalable and affordable image repository and management system for most DICOM compliant modalities and client applications. MiPACS Storage Server is an ideal starting point for any facility that is migrating towards a film-less environment. MiPACS is the backbone in creating a DICOM network.

Key Features of MiPACS Storage Server:

  • Fully DICOM 3.0 compliant
  • Receives captured images from any DICOM storage workstation or modality
  • Support for DICOM Query/Retrieve
  • Cost effective, scalable and flexible
  • Digital acquisition and review
  • Fast access to image data anywhere anytime
  • Communicate digital images to referring physicians quickly and reliably

Medicor Imaging PMR is a software solution that is designed to increase the portability of DICOM Images and related reports in a cost efficient and user-friendly CD-R environment to patients and referring physicians. There are two components to the solution: Librarian and Image Viewer. The Librarian queries and retrieves images and reports from the facility's PACS and report repository, and then transfers them to a CD-R. The Image Viewer is embedded into each CD allowing patients and referring physicians to play (cine) the images belonging to a study on any PC.

Key Features of Medicor Imaging PMR:

  • Supports DICOM query and retrieve
  • Creates part 10 media format CD-R
  • DICOM Viewer on each CD
  • Radiology report on each CD
  • Images can be viewed on any Windows based system
  • Single framed or multiframe images
  • Viewer can store to other DICOM SCP
  • Application is configurable to contain the imaging facility's name and logo
  • More cost efficient way to distribute DICOM images
  • Better informed patient and referring physician because the CD contains both the image and report
  • Simple format that requires no training to use
  • Fully DICOM 3 compliant

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