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UNLV School of Dental Medicine Implements MiPACS Dental Imaging Enterprise and Salud Dental Clinical Information System and Electronic Dental Record (EDR)

Charlotte, NC (July, 2004) - Medicor Imaging, a digital imaging and DICOM solution provider, announced today that the UNLV School of Dental Medicine has completed a successful install of its MiPACS Dental Imaging Enterprise along with Two-Ten Health's Salud Dental Clinical Information System and Electronic Dental Record (EDR). Two-Ten Health partnered with Medicor Imaging in 2003 to incorporate its MiPACS Dental Imaging Enterprise into the Salud suite of products. The combination of these products has helped UNLVSDM lead the way in becoming one of the only paperless and filmless dental schools in the world.

In 2002, the UNLV School of Dental Medicine opened its doors to the residents of Nevada, and by June 2004 quickly found itself to be one of the only paperless and filmless dental schools in the world. Since this implementation, UNLVSDM has processed approximately 800 patients since opening its doors on June 7th and is continuing to utilize this new system in ways that paper and film-based methodologies did not exist. Two-Ten's Salud is primarily integrated through a Citrix environment, so Medicor added support for this system and realized the major advantages of this implementation. From a radiology standpoint, students are able to learn multiple uses of digital radiography, and this is done through integration between Salud and MiPACS stand-alone applications. These include phosphorous plate scanning and direct digital capture of intraoral and panoramic images.

"With a vision to provide the best dental care and a goal to become a paperless and digital dental school, UNLV looked to Two-Ten Health and Medicor Imaging to provide Salud EDR and MiPACS Dental Enterprise Solution. We were thoroughly impressed with the professionalism that was shown between Medicor Imaging and Two-Ten Health in accomplishing and reaching the goals that were set forth by this university", stated Dean Pat Ferrillo. "As we continue to expand our outreach to the community, we will be moving forward to implement MiPACS and Salud into our outlying and mobile clinics."

The MiPACS Dental Imaging Enterprise is an imaging application that provides a viewing workstation, acquisition workstation and a storage system all in one. Built in accordance with the DICOM 3.0 standard, MiPACS offers a scalable, device independent and affordable solution that was once out of reach for the dental industry. Features include support for more than 16 digital imaging systems; support for intraoral sensors and cameras, phosphor plates, surgical and histological microscopy, and digital cameras; storage of MRI and CT; numerous image enhancement tools, and integration to Clinical Information Systems.

Gregg Nicks, Executive Account Manager of Medicor Imaging, stated, "Medicor Imaging was delighted to be part of the first paperless and digital dental university in the US, and we would have not been successful without our partnership with Two-Ten Health. We wanted to provide UNLVSDM the most optimal, scalable and reliable imaging solution knowing that they were going to a fully digital clinic. UNLVSDM is setting the scale for other dental schools to look upon when implementing a paperless and filmless environment."

Salud's enterprise solution facilitates all aspects of running a dental enterprise. Salud's modules include, Clinical, Finance/Administration, Academic, and Research. In addition to providing the core functionality Salud's open system design allows for integration to third party vendors such as digital imaging and electronic claims processing. Two-Ten Health provides an ancillary application, Salud Link On that enables an Outreach Clinic not only to manage their patients but it also provides a link to the school for decision support, research, continuing education and other information.

Bruce Dennis, Vice President of Two-Ten Health's North American Operations stated, "The successful integration of Salud and MiPACS was critical for UNLVSDM to realize the full benefits of being filmless. UNLVSDM has established the new standard for digital radiograph implementation in dental education."

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