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Multi-clinic Dental Organizations

The Centralized Imaging Solution for Dental Group Practices

The MiPACS Dental Enterprise Solution is a digital dental imaging system built for dental service organizations (DSO’s) with clinics in multiple locations. MiPACS is centralized, enabling all clinics to access images taken at any other clinic. Built with the standards-compliance that large enterprises require, MiPACS is the premiere centralized imaging solution for dental group practices.

Access any image, from any clinic—with the click of a button!

Multi-Clinic Dental Organization Diagram

What Makes MiPACS Unique?

Designed for practices with multiple clinics, MiPACS is a centralized dental image management system, which means multiple clinics store and retrieve from a central server. If an image is taken in one clinic, it can immediately be viewed in any other clinic connected to the central server.

Fast Response Time, Even Over the Internet

Medicor Imaging has designed a system to ensure that all clinics operate with optimal speed, even when bandwidth between clinics is slow or temporarily unavailable.

Hardware Independent

MiPACS is hardware independent, meaning that it is possible to use different brands of devices within a single application. Over 50 devices are supported (more than any other application), and new devices are added as soon as they are released by the manufacturers. With proprietary software from a hardware vendor, you are limited to only devices from that manufacturer. That's not the case with MiPACS.

Only One Database to Back up and Maintain

The only database that requires a daily backup is the central database. Images are synced to the central database from other clinics on either an immediate or nightly basis, depending on bandwidth availability.

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Key Features

  • MiPACS offers direct integration with over 150+ dental digital imaging devices from over 50 manufacturers
  • DICOM 3.0 Compliance in ALL aspects
  • Support for Dental Hanging Protocol.
  • Includes a wide range of image processing and diagnostic tools
  • Integrates with Cone Beam CTs and other devices.
  • One system to learn and maintain.
  • Compatible with Citrix and Terminal Services