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Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Centers

MiPACS is the dental imaging software of choice at over seventy VA Medical Center dental clinics!

MiPACS Dental Enterprise Solution is the only software a dental clinic at a Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center needs to capture and view digital images. No matter what type of capture hardware is being used, MiPACS provides a VA dental clinic with a single, easy to use application that brings all capture devices together in the same system.

Medicor Imaging Dental Schools Diagram

Access any patient, any image, anywhere—VISN wide or single clinic

If a patient was seen recently at another VA Medical Center dental clinic in your VISN, why should they have to be re-exposed to x-rays again? MiPACS Dental Enterprise Solution can be configured in a VISN-wide implementation so that a patient's dental x-rays are always accessible from any dental clinic in the VISN. For example, if you save an image in Chicago, it can be viewed in Milwaukee only seconds later with the touch of a button.

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Key Features:

  • One system to learn and maintain
  • Hardware Independent
  • The only imaging system that directly integrates with DRM+
  • Integration with VistA Imaging
  • Integration with VistA Modality Worklist
  • Functions even when the network is down
  • 100% DICOM compliant
  • Supports multiple clinics
  • Dental Hanging Protocol
  • Direct integration with 3D Cone-beam CT systems