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Product Overview

Medicor products are sold under the MiPACS brand and represent the industry's best enterprise solution for the Digital Dental market.

The MiPACS family of products are constructed using the award winning LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging SDKs, and have been engineered with quality, performance and usability as cornerstones. Medicor's commitment to customer service, through on-site installation and training, as well as via phone, email and website support, is the perfect complement to the MiPACS product line.

MiPACS products are used around the world by such customers as the United States Air Force, the United States Veterans Administration, and the United States Marine Corps, as well as in over 60 leading Dental Schools and Universities on three continents, and within hospitals and imaging clinics in the US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

The MiPACS product line includes:

MiPACS Medical Workstation

MiPACS Medical Workstation is a fully-featured PACS Viewer for 2D and 3D imaging, perfect for an imaging center, ENT practice, or medical center. Built upon the DICOM standard, MiPACS Medical Workstations can query/retrieve from any PACS system and also receive studies pushed from a modality or an image router. Users are provided with a wide array of tools to allow them to manipulate, annotate, measure, and playback any medical imaging study. In addition, MiPACS supports volume rendering, MIP, MinIP, and MPR viewing multi-slice studies! Burn/print CDs, or push images to another PACS server directly from your desktop.

MiPACS Storage Server

The MiPACS Storage Server is a scalable, user-friendly, fast, modular and affordable PACS image archive. Deployed as a standalone server to customers since 2005, MiPACS Storage Server is designed to work as the heart of a PACS (Patient Archive and Communication System), as well as a central repository for radiology and medical DICOM images and objects. MiPACS Storage Server supports DICOM Query/Retrieve and DICOM Storage services, and security features allow administrators to restrict access to DICOM services based on AE Title or IP Address.

For additional functionality, the Storage Server can be enhanced with these add-on products:

MiPACS DICOM Router + Add-on

MiPACS Modality Worklist Add-on

MiPACS HTML5 Web Viewer

The MiPACS HTML5 WebViewer can directly integrate with MiPACS Storage Server to provide a zero-footprint medical viewer that can be accessed using any web browser. It requires no installation on clients, and is compatible with any HTML5-compliant web browser, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla Firefox, MacOS Safari, iPad, iPhone, Android and more. It features a rich, application-like user experience within a web browser. With viewing controls similar to most other medical image viewers, it's an easy and familiar interface for users to learn, and can be accessed from virtually anywhere.

MiPACS Dental Enterprise Viewer

MiPACS Dental Enterprise Viewer is the only application necessary for capturing and viewing images. Its open architecture allows you to have the freedom to use any capture devices, while maintaining compatibility with industry standards. Find out below what makes MiPACS Dental Enterprise Viewer the ideal image capture and viewing software for any large dental organization.

Product Bundles:

MiPACS Dental Enterprise Solution

Includes MiPACS Storage Server and MiPACS Dental Enterprise Viewer


Includes MiPACS Storage Server and MiPACS Medical Workstation

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How is MiPACS Being Used to Solve Real-world Problems?

Medicor Imaging has served thousands of happy customers world-wide. To read more about where MiPACS is installed and how it has helped our customers, check out our: