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MiPACS ENT PACS is a cost-effective, DICOM-compliant PACS archive and viewer targeted to the needs of ENT practices. By collaborating closely with local Ear, Nose & Throat practices, Medicor Imaging was able to craft a product built for the specialized needs of an ENT. Consisting of two pieces — MiPACS Storage Server and MiPACS Dental Enterprise Viewer — it's a complete ENT PACS system.

Find out more about the products bundled in MiPACS Dental Enterprise Solution:

MiPACS Storage Server

  • Proven PACS archive
  • Installed in over 450 facilities worldwide
  • Supports DICOM query/retrieve, storage, storage commit and more
  • Customizable, rule-based image router available
  • Supports all DICOM image types

MiPACS Medical Workstation

  • User-friendly, universal viewer
  • Windows 7 and 64-bit compatible
  • Can be deployed over Citrix/Terminal Services or installed as a fat client
  • 3D (MIP, MPR, MinIP, VRT) Avaialble

ENT PACS Diagram

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Key Features

  • Centralized Image Storage — All of your imaging devices can store images to a single location.
  • DICOM Compliance — MiPACS is compatible with any DICOM-compatible imaging devices and third party applications.
  • Access images anywhere — Images can be made available anywhere throughout an organization.
  • CD/DVD Burning and Printing — MiPACS includes a full-featured, freely-distributable viewer on every disc burned. It can integrate with a conventional disc burner or Primera disc publishing/printing devices.
  • MPR and 3D Volume Rendering — MiPACS can reconstruct orthogonal slies from any cross-sectional CT or MRI data in any plane and render them as a 3D model
  • Annotations — Annotations to images can be saved and retrieved later, including measurements, highlights and notes.
  • Custom Orientation Settings — Default views/orientations can be customized based on brand/model of imaging device, pation position, modality type, and more.
  • Thumbnail Browser — Easily browse thumbnails of multi-slice series to select images for enlarged display
  • Cine Loop — Browse multi-slice studies automatically with native, on-screen controls for pause, play, speed up, slow down, etc.
  • Unlimited storage — No limits on the amount of data stored in both the PACS Archive and the local database.
  • Thin or Fat client implementation — MiPACS works as either a workstation-installed application, or can be hosted on a farm of terminal/Citrix servers for consolidated management.

How is MiPACS Being Used to Solve Real-world Problems?

Medicor Imaging has served thousands of happy customers world-wide. To read more about where MiPACS is installed and how it has helped our customers, check out our: