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MiPACS Storage Server HL7 Add-on

The MiPACS HL7 add-on enables you to receive both patient update and order information using an HL7 interface on the MiPACS Server. It can receive ADT messages for updates; and can receive ADT check-in messages and ORM messages to populate a worklist. This can be used as an interface to provide modality worklist (in conjunction with our MWL Add-on) to clients based on ADT and ORM messages incoming. The HL7 add-on does not have an outgoing interface.

Keep your systems in sync with HL7

HL7 is an international healthcare standard developed to keep disparate systems’ data in sync with one another. For example, if a patient’s name changes in the the Electronic Healthcare Record, the EHR can send an HL7 message to MiPACS, and MiPACS will update the patient’s name in MiPACS as well. This also works for merging records – if two patient records are merged in the EHR, MiPACS can receive an HL7 message to perform the same merge on its data. MiPACS’ HL7 Patient Update interface can be configured to listen on any open IP address and port available to the host.

Update Patient information using:

  • ADT A01 (Patient Update)
  • ADT A03 (Check-out Patient)
  • ADT A04 (Check-in Patient)
  • ADT A05 (Schedule Appointment)
  • ADT A08 (Patient Update – Visit Info Only)
  • ADT A31 (Patient Update – Patient Info Only)
  • ADT A40 (Patient Merge)

Manage a worklist with ease

MiPACS can manage its Modality Worklist using only HL7 messages. A message can be sent to place an order, or to cancel an order. Orders appear on the worklist and can be queried by any device or application that supports DICOM Modality Worklist. Orders can be configured to automatically complete when images are captured and stored to the PACS. MiPACS’ HL7 Modality Worklist interface can be configured to listen on any open IP address and port available to the host.

Populate Worklist using:

  • ADT A01 (New Patient)
  • ADT A03 (Check Out patient, removes from worklist)
  • ADT A04 (Check In Patient)
  • ORM O01 (New Patient)
  • OMI O23 (New Imaging Order)

HL7 Relay

Need to send an HL7 message to many destinations all at once? The MiPACS HL7 Relay can do just that. With customizable grouping options based on the type of message (A40, A31, etc.), MiPACS can receive an HL7 message and relay it to any number of other HL7 clients. This is all done quickly and efficiently even at a large scale. Whether you need to relay messages to 5 locations or 500, the MiPACS HL7 Relay can get the job done.

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Key Features

  • Keeps patient demographics up-to-date with your system of record
  • Supports most HL7 messages for patient update, merge, or orders.
  • HL7 messages may be relayed to any number of other nodes
  • Implemented with Epic, Cerner, HL7 Soup, Mulesoft, and more