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MiPACS HTML5 Web Viewer

The MiPACS HTML5 Web Viewer, built on the foundation of the LEADTOOLS PACS Imaging SDK, can directly integrate with a MiPACS Storage Server to provide a zero-footprint medical viewer that can be accessed using any modern web browser.

The MiPACS HTML5 Web Viewer requires no installation on clients and is compatible with any HTML5-compliant web browser, such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and up, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, MacOS Safari, iPad, iPhone, Android, and more. It features a rich, application-like user experience within a web browser. With viewing controls similar to most other medical image viewers, it is an easy and familiar interface for users to learn and can be accessed from virtually anywhere.

Key Features and Tools

The MiPACS HTML5 Web Viewer features the following tools for use right in your web browser:

  • Window/Level Controls
  • Zoom (including quick 1:1 and Fit buttons)
  • Pinch-to-Zoom (iPad, iPhone, Android)
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Measurements (linear, polygonal, and angular)
  • Annotations
  • Rotate/Flip
  • Full DICOM tag viewing

A True Zero-footprint Web Viewer

The MiPACS HTML5 Web Viewer uses HTML5 to provide a rich user-interface within a web browser, without any ActiveX controls or prerequisites. It is a multi-platform viewer that works on any modern browser. No installation or administrator access is necessary.

Provides Access to Your Images Over the Internet

With some configuration to your firewall, the MiPACS HTML5 Web Viewer can be made available outside of your network, enabling controlled access to your images from anywhere in the world. The MiPACS HTML5 Web Viewer can be configured to use HTTPS for encrypted communication, and access can be restricted to only registered accounts.

Retrieve Images From Other PACS Servers

The MiPACS HTML5 Web Viewer not only works with the MiPACS Storage Server, but it can retrieve images from other PACS Servers by using a built-in DICOM query that can be configured and performed directly in the web interface.

Provide a Customizable Experience for Your Users

The MiPACS Web Viewer can be customized to display your company's or institution's logo, log-on message, or website layout. Our support team can work with your staff to provide your users with an interface that is familiar and identified as belonging to your organization.

The Perfect Solution for Imaging Centers

The MiPACS HTML5 Web Viewer is the perfect solution for an imaging center, where other doctors refer patients for imaging procedures. Imaging centers can make those images available digitally, right in the referring doctor's web browser, eliminating the need for costly print-outs or CDs. The MiPACS HTML5 Web Viewer can be configured to only allow each referring doctor to his or her patients, restricting access to other referred patients.

System Requirements

MiPACS HTML5 Web Viewer Server Minimum System Configuration:
Microsoft® Windows Server 2008, 2012, or 2016 (32- or 64-bit)
Microsoft® Internet Information Services 7+
16GB + 128MB memory per user (i.e. 30 users would require 8GB RAM)
8 core Xeon Processor (or more)
Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.7
Internet Explorer 10

MiPACS HTML5 Web Viewer Client Minimum System Configuration:
Any Operating System (Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android, etc.)
Any HTML5-compliant web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera, etc.)
Access to MiPACS HTML5 Viewer server over at least a 1Mbps connection

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HTML5 Image View

HTML5 Image View

MiPACS HTML5 Web Viewer Demo

Want to see the MiPACS HTML5 Web Viewer for yourself in your browser? Click here to try the live online demo!

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