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MiPACS Medical Workstation

MiPACS Medical Workstation is a fully featured PACS Viewer for 2D and 3D imaging, perfect for an imaging center, medical center, or radiology department.

  • Universal Viewing—the MiPACS Medical Workstation can view images from ANY modality.
  • DICOM Compliance—MiPACS is compatible with all DICOM-compatible imaging devices and DICOM-compatible third-party applications.
  • CD/DVD Burning and printing—MiPACS includes a full-featured, freely distributable viewer on every CD burned. It can integrate with a conventional CD burner or Primera disc publishing/printing devices.
  • MPR—Reconstruct orthogonal slices from any cross-sectional CT or MRI data in any plane.
  • 3D Volume Rendering—MiPACS can reconstruct volumes of cross-sectional CT or MRI data into 3D volumes using VRT, MIP, or MinIP.
  • Window/Level Presets—User-defined window/level presets can be accessed via menu or hot keys.
  • Annotations—Annotations, including measurements, highlights, and notes, can be saved and retrieved later.
  • Custom Orientation Settings—Default views/orientations can be customized based on brand and model of imaging device, patient position, modality type, and more.
  • Thumbnail browser—Easily browse thumbnails of multi-slice series to select images for enlarged display.
  • Cine loop—Browse multi-slice studies automatically and adjustable frame rates—Pause, speed up, or slow down using on-screen controls.
  • Thin and Fat-client Implementations—MiPACS works as either a workstation-installed application or can be hosted on a farm of terminal/Citrix servers for consolidated management.

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Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Medical Workstation Thumbnail Browser Screenshot

Medical Workstation Thumbnail Browser

Medical Workstation 3D Screenshot

Medical Workstation 3D

How is MiPACS Being Used to Solve Real-world Problems?

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