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MiPACS Modality Worklist

Add-on product for the MiPACS Storage Server

Easily Programmable DICOM Modality Worklist Broker

The MiPACS Modality Worklist Add-On provides Modality Worklist Service Class Provider (SCP) services in addition to the DICOM services supported by the MiPACS Storage Server. Electronic Health Records and Radiology Information Systems that need to provide patient orders and demographic data to modalities can utilize the MiPACS Modality Worklist without needing to implement DICOM services within those applications. Simply populate a Microsoft SQL database with the order information and the MiPACS Modality Worklist will provide that information to the modalities that require it.

Supports Modality Perform Procedure Step

The MiPACS Modality Worklist Add-On supports MPPS, allowing order updates to be passed from the modality or reading station to the Modality Worklist where they are accessible from an EHR or RIS via a database query. If your modalities do not support MPPS, the MiPACS Modality Worklist Add-On in conjunction with the MiPACS DICOM Router+ can provide automated order completion status when a study is stored.

Accept HL7 Messages to populate worklist

Paired with the MiPACS HL7 Add-on, the modality worklist can be populated by HL7 messages. This provides an easy interface for existing systems to pass patient demographics and orders to MiPACS, without directly integrating. The MiPACS HL7 Add-on (link to the new page below) makes the perfect complement to the MiPACS Modality Worklist in an enterprise environment utilizing HL7.

Populate/Depopulate the MWL using a simple Web API

MiPACS offers a simple web API for populating the worklist (and removing items from the worklist). This makes it easy to integrate into other applications since it is a simple RESTful web API call.

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Key Features

  • Send order information and demographics directly to CBCT devices
  • Order-based workflow for image capture
  • Provide patient demographics to MiPACS Dental Enterprise Viewer
  • Use Controlled Capture workflow with MiPACS Dental Enterprise Viewer