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Medicor Imaging has served thousands of customers world-wide ranging from government agencies, educational institutions, ENT practices, and much more. This collection of resources will demonstrate where MiPACS is installed and how it is helping our many satisfied customers.

Case Studies

Detailed and in-depth articles taken from interviews with key personnel and management. These success stories will dive into the specifics of each customers problem, solution, and result.


Quick stories of how and where MiPACS is being used today.

Customer List

A complete list of MiPACS customers by category.

Software Developers

Are you a software developer looking to create your own DICOM and PACS solution? Learn more about LEADTOOLS, the award-winning imaging SDK that powers MiPACS.

Featured Customer Testimonial

"With a vision to provide the best dental care and a goal to become a paperless and digital dental school, we were thoroughly impressed with the professionalism that was shown by Medicor Imaging in accomplishing and reaching the goals that were set forth by this university."

- Pat Ferrillo
Dean of UNLV School of Dental Medicine