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AE Titles Last Access Date (Storage Server v3.0.0.2)

Learn where to locate "Last Acess" date on AE Titles in MiPACS Storage Server v3.0.0.2

One of the new additions to MiPACS Storage Server v3.0.0.2 is that AE titles can now have a “Last Access” date. This is very useful for customers who manage a large amount of AE titles.

Contact our Support team if you are interested in learning more about MiPACS Storage Server v3.0.0.2!

View Last Access (Click to enlarge)

View last access date

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"The successful integration of Salud and MiPACS was critical for UNLVSDM to realize the full benefits of being filmless. UNLVSDM has established the new standard for digital radiograph implementation in dental education."

- Bruce Dennis
Vice President of Two-Ten Health's North American Operations