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How to Remove Listed Templates

Learn how to remove listed templates in the MiPACS Dental Enterprise Viewer.

Q: MiPACS template list has more templates than we need. How do I delete unused templates from the list?

A: Only a MiPACS application administrator can make changes to both default and custom templates by doing the following:

Delete a Template

To delete a custom template, simply go to the MiPACS Template Editor, click on the template name, and then press the DEL key on the keyboard. Although the default templates included with MiPACS cannot be deleted, they can be hidden so that they are not visible to users.

Hide a Template

You can also prevent any template from being displayed to users (without deleting it) by hiding the template. To do this, click on the template name and then change the value of the Hidden property to Yes in the Properties pane.

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Featured Customer Testimonial

"MiPACS software provides the UNC School of Dentistry with a significant pathway for growth in digital 2-D and 3-D technology."

- Dr. Don Tyndall
Director of Radiology at the UNC School of Dentistry