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Using the Patient ID Banner

Learn how to use the Patient ID Banner in the MiPACS Dental Enterprise Viewer.

The Patient ID banner is a feature in version 3.1.1452 and higher of the MiPACS Dental Enterprise Viewer. With this feature, you can display the patient information below the patient images:

Patient ID Banner Demonstration

Patient ID Banner Demonstration

You have the option to turn this feature on/off and change the size, the time delay before it is shown after moving the mouse, and how long before it shows on capturing a new image.

If you have MiPACS Viewer 3.2.2 or higher then you also have the option to change the format of what is displayed:

Extra Customizations in Versions 3.2.2 or Higher

Extra Customizations in Versions 3.2.2 or Higher

In the example above, we added: The Company Name (text), Patient ID, Last Name, First Name, Date of Birth. However, this can be changed to any combination of your choice.

This option can even be applied without turning on the Patient ID Banner and will just modify the patient information displayed on the top title bar and the bottom status bar.

If you are interested in getting this implemented, you can either call into our Medicor Imaging Support Team at (704) 227-2629 or click the link below!

**Note: You must have administrator rights on the workstation to make these changes**

Click here to get a 2-page guide on how to get this implemented!

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